Tiny Prints Christmas Cards

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....at least in my head. As you can tell from my new blog design, (which by the way, what do you think?), I have had Christmas on my brain today. I have been thinking about the myriad of different things that I must do in order to get ready for Christmas.

One of the first things that I do every year is to pick out our Christmas Photo cards. I LOVE photo cards. I love receiving them. I love sending them. They are a GREAT way of catching our extended family and friends up on the growth of our kids!

There are two things that I am particular about though. First, although I like the photo cards that allow one picture, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the ones that allow many pictures! In our family, many of our relatives only get to see our kids once or twice a year and having more than one picture on the photo card allows them to see them as they looked throughout the year. And second, I must have our cards say Merry Christmas! There is nothing wrong with Happy Holidays cards, however my husband and I prefer cards that say Merry Christmas.

This year, I have decided to order our photo cards through Tiny Prints. They offer a HUGE selection of photo cards -over 400, priced as low as $0.06- $1.99 per card. That is a great value! What is great for me is that they offer 179 photo cards that allow more than one photo! And unlike other photo card sites, most of the cards offered by Tiny Prints have a matching background printed on the back of their cards to add an extra pizazz to the cards.

I had a great time browsing through all the cards and I think that I have it narrowed down to one of the following.... 

Christmas Cards Colorful Wreath - Front : Vanilla
Colorful Wreath Christmas Card

Christmas Cards Distinct Wishes - Front : Dark Gray
Distinct Wishes Christmas Card

Christmas Cards Motley Medley - Front : Siren
Motley Medley Christmas Card

Ornament Cards Berry Wonderful - Front : Cranberry
Berry Wonderful Ornament Christmas Card

Christmas Cards Lively Holiday - Front : Winterberry
Lively Holiday Christmas Card
 Do you send out Christmas photo cards? Which one is your favorite?
Disclaimer: This post was written as a review in exchange for a set of Christmas cards. All opinions are my own.


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