Book Review: The Deliverer

I was recently contacted by author Jason D. Morrow to see if I was interested in doing a book review of his book The Deliverer: Book One in the Marenon Chronicles. As I have been trying to expand my horizons of reading  and after reading the synopsis on,I eagerly agreed.


Prophecies are not always clear. That is what seventeen-year-old Silas Ainsley learns when he finds himself in a realm called Marenon. The only way to get to Marenon is to die, and Silas has just arrived. The people of Marenon are nearing the brink of war and many of them claim that Silas is the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy. Each group wants to use him for their own purposes, and he doesn't know who is trustworthy. With the help of a lawless band of mercenaries, Silas must journey to uncover the meaning of the prophecy before Marenon falls to ruin.The only way to get to Marenon is to die, and Silas has just arrived.

The Deliverer is an epic fantasy, written primarily from two different points of view---one of Silas, a 17 year old boy who is "The Deliverer", and the other of Julian, who is from Marenon and has a position of power within that realm. The Deliverer begins in the world of Earth, before moving to an after death world of Marenon. Once in Marenon, we follow the story of Silas and Julian as they work to figure out the world in which different races are working to either combine in peace or make each other non-existant. In this is the intrique of who gets into Marenon and who does not? Why do some people live there when others do not get the opportunity? All of this along with an epic adventure full of giants, thieves, flying creatures, etc. That being said this is Book 1, so the story did not come to a complete end. We are left wondering if Silas will truly be "The Deliverer" and wondering what that actually means?

The Deliverer was an epic adventure story that I could not put down. I read it over the course of 2 days and I could NOT put it down. The characterizations of the characters, the plot twists and turns and the imagery that Morrow employs made for a great read! I am SO glad that I chose to review this book! I can't wait to get Book 2 to see what happens!

Disclaimer: I received this book free of charge from the author in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own. I did not have to write a positive review.


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