Pregnancy update: Week 33--Thoughts and what has been going on

Yesterday I was officially 33 weeks along.

For the past 2 weeks I have been on modified bed rest, which is harder than it may seem.

I have not been into work to do any work, I have only worked a couple hours at home on the computer for my job. I have been doing almost nothing at home. Hubby has taken over most of the hard housework, like laundry, going grocery shopping, and moving furniture around for me.  I haven't been going anywhere, except to the hospital twice a week for non-stress tests and to the doctors office.

Sounds idyllic, right?

Well NOT for me. I feel like the walls are closing in on me. I know that I am supposed to rest, but it is SOOO HARD. That is not my personality!  When I want something done, I usually just do it. I am NOT one to stay at home all the time. It is hard to be patient, even though I know that it is best for baby.

Now don't get me wrong, there has been some upsides to being on modified bed rest. My blood pressure, while still high, has come down some since I am not working. I have been able to read a couple of the books that I have had for review purposes (look for these reviews really soon). I have been able to oversee the switching of Rebecca and Jacob's bedrooms. (We moved Rebecca into Jacob's old room which was the smaller bedroom and we moved Jacob into the bigger bedroom so he can share it with the baby when the baby comes). I have been able to order things online for the baby and have hubby pick them up. I have been able to do more swagbuck searches, mypoints searches and other things online.

Today I went to have another non-stress test done. It was reactive (which is good) even though my bp was still high :( I go back to the doctor on Friday. I don't think I will go until April 16 which is my official due date. I don't want to go too early, but I am getting to the stage where I am uncomfortable, having heartburn and just feeling like a beached whale.

I just have to focus on keeping the baby cooking until it is time for him to be born. And relish the 2 times a week I get to spend time hearing his heartbeat during the NSTs and feeling him move.


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