Pregnancy Week 29 update....uh oh....

Today I went to the doctor for my 29 week checkup. There was a lot of emotion involved in this appointment.

First of all a little background....when I was at the doctor 2 weeks ago, she wanted me to keep track of my blood pressure at home for 2 weeks as my blood pressure was elevated and we wanted to see if this was a pattern. So I have done just that...and I there is no rhyme or reason to how my blood pressure works. Some days it was fine, other days it was low, other days high....

Fast forward to today....The nurse takes my blood pressure and it was 158/ 90! UH OH!!!! Not good. Anything over 140/70 is a cause for concern in pregnant women.

The doctor came in and she listened to the baby's heartbeat and it sounded good. He is moving good. My belly is measuring at 32 weeks. She is VERY concerned about the blood pressure. She has me lay on my side for 20 minutes and then retake it, and it is still 140/68. Down but not by much.

SO...she orders a bunch of labs for me. I have to have a growth ultrasound next week (Yay, another chance to see the baby!). I also have to do a 24 hour urine collection test, followed by blood work to see if I am developing pre-eclampsia. She has diagnosed me with pregnancy induced hypertension, and she suspects that I am on the brink of developing pre-eclampsia. So I have to look out for extreme swelling, keep track of my blood pressure 1-2 times a day, spots in front of my eyes, abdomen pain and/or headaches that won't go away with Tylenol. I am to call the office if I suspect anything is wrong.

She also wants me to cut back more at work (so I am going to be leaving an hour early or more each day depending on how I feel) for the next 2 weeks. Then at my next appt she will decide if I need to go on complete bed rest. My boss is completely okay with me doing what I need to do (one advantage of working in a Catholic school in a smaller town). She even put on the February schedule released last week, that I would be making my own schedule! :)

There was one thing she said that freaked me out though. She said "We have made it to 29 weeks. My goal is to get you to 35 weeks." AAGHHHH!!! I am not ready. I haven't started getting anything for the baby and it is just not what I wanted to hear.

Things will be fine. I am resting. Not doing much at home (letting hubby take over which is hard, because he is so stressed right now about me). At work I am taking it easy and scheduling myself for the work that I can do sitting down (doing homework with the kids, doing paperwork, etc.). I just have to keep listening to my body and take it easy and try not to stress. And if I have to go on complete bed rest, it will be okay. Whatever I have to do to stay healthy and to have a healthy baby. It will be okay.


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