Coloring Easter Eggs

One of the activities that Rebecca looks forward to each year is when we get to color Easter Eggs.

Well we colored them last night and both her and Jacob had a blast!

We colored 18 eggs! Jacob had a little trouble putting the eggs in the cups gently, but I think he only ended up cracking 2.  After we colored the eggs, the kids played a matching Easter game that came in the egg dye kit that I bought.

Overall it was a fun Easter activity for our family!

Do you color Easter eggs at your home?


  1. We colored our eggs last weekend, when their grandma was here. Always a fun activity. Looks like your kids had a blast! And only cracking 2 if amazing for a little boy. :) Have a wonderful Easter!

    1. Thanks Erin! Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend! :)


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