March Madness and My Bet with Bill

If you are a sports fan, then you know that it is that time of year again.


(For those of you who are not sports fans, "March Madness" is the unofficial title to College basketball's official tournament to find out the Champion. It starts with a round of 64 teams, then a round of 32, the sweet 16, the elite 8, the final 4 and then the championship round.)

Every year, I fill out a tournament bracket, as does my hubby. This began when we were dating as something fun and competitive between us. Over the last 8 years (this is our 9th year to do this), I have "won" some years and I have lost some years. We have made bets some years with prizes involved, like winner gets to pick the next movie we see, etc. Some years, like last year, we haven't bet anything.

This year we are betting again.

Here is my completed bracket....In case you are wondering, I have Indiana winning it all!

If Bill loses the bracket, then he will refrain from getting fast food until the beginning of the NFL season (beginning of Sept.).

If I lose the bracket, then I will work out, train for and run a 5K with Bill. (If you don't know, I LOATHE running! I HATE it!)

So I am really hoping that I win... :)

Do you take part in March Madness? Do you bet on sports with your significant other?


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