Spring Break to do list

The temperature may still be cold.

There is snow in the forecast for tomorrow and Monday.

But you know what?

I really don't care, because it is SPRING BREAK week!

I don't have to go to work for 10 days. Rebecca doesn't have school. (Bill still has to work, as he is not an employee of a school.)

I have lots of plans for this week of things that I want to get done (if everyone is well and not sick).

My to do list so far looks like this:

-Make and mail invites for Benjamin's 1st b-day party
-Copy and mail paperwork to KCJFS
-Copy and mail paperwork to doctor
-Redo home management binder with updates
-Figure out new budget
-Sort through toys and donate some of them, organize what is left
-Research preschool homeschooling ideas for Jacob
-Start potty training Jacob
-Menu plan for next week and stick to it
-Declutter kitchen cabinets (donate excess)
-Clean and declutter our master bedroom
-List baby items on Craigslist for sale
-Read 2 books and post reviews
-Study first aid and CPR books for upcoming class
-Sort through kids' spring/summer clothes and see if any necessities are needed

That is just what is on the top of my head right now. This is assuming/hoping no one else gets sick at our house. I really could use a good week to get some organizing done.

Do you spring clean/ organize when you are on a spring break type of week?


  1. The first time, I speedread your post and was like, holy cats! She is gonna do all that in one day? Glad I had the sense to go back and read a little more slowly.... :) Good luck, I have high hopes you will complete your list!

    Our spring break is next week, although my husband is off Good Friday as well. We are heading to visit some family in IL. But it won't be all week, so I have to have some time here to deal with the house....not sure I will actually use it to clean, but I like to have it! :)


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