Sickness has invaded once again

Last week, I was very quiet on this here blog of mine. I had good reason....

Hubby was sick! Over the course of the week he had a sore throat, fever, and congestion in his nose. He ended up going to the doctor on Friday morning, after his eyes became really red and crusty Thursday night. Turns out he has a very contagious sinus infection that had moved to his eye. He was put on medicine and told to not return to work for 48 hours.

That meant that I had to disinfect everything in the house....couch cushions, all the throw blankets in the house, pillows, handles, door knobs, counters, remotes, the laptop, etc. I probably did close to 13 loads of laundry this weekend.

Sunday he seemed to be a little better, so I left him with the boys while Rebecca and I went to church and to the grocery store.

Sunday night, Benjamin started getting a runny nose......

This morning, he woke up covered in snot and just not feeling well. His appetite has been down all day and he has been kind of cranky and just wanting to be held. It was a good thing I had today off of work. Tonight, he had his last bottle and proceeded to throw it up all over his bed just as I was laying him down to sleep. Then he threw up more all over the floor....

So more laundry is getting done as we speak.

I am praying the other 2 kids don't get it, and that I don't get it.

I am so ready for summer and to get these sicknesses out of my house.


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