Took Ben to the ER last night....

He fell asleep in his high chair on Monday night.

Monday night Benjamin started getting a runny nose.

Yesterday, he woke up stuffed up, with a runny nose and a little bit of stuff/ crud in one of his eyes. I cleaned it off, thinking it was some of the snot that he had wiped across his face in his sleep.
His appetite was down a little, but who wants to eat if they are stuffed up? I put him down for his nap, then headed into my afternoon shift (2-6pm) at work.

I came home an hour early as Bill had a meeting he had to go to, and when I got home Benjamin was still down for his nap. That was a little unusual as he usually only sleeps for 2-2.5 hours, not 3. But if he wasn't feeling well, then he was probably just tired.

I went up to get him and he was moving around like he was awake, but his eyes were still closed. Then I realized they were closed because they were crusted closed with goop and crud. Green goop stuff. I took a warm, wet washcloth and cleaned his eyes so he could open them. I then noticed that his face seemed puffy and redder than normal.

I had Bill take Ben to the Urgent Care center (at 6pm)  and they thought it was an allergic reaction to something, but they weren't sure what. He hasn't been exposed to anything, he hasn't had any new foods, etc. They suggested we go the ER immediately. I had to get friend to come and take me, as Bill had the keys to both vehicles. My friend graciously came and took me and Rebecca and Jacob to the ER, then took Jake and Rebecca back home to watch them.

5 hours later, we were finally seen. Seems that our little guy has an upper respiratory infection, an ear infection, and was having an allergic reaction to the infection. While we were there, they gave Benjamin Motrin, Tylenol, a steroid, and Benadryl. Within an hour his face was less red from the rash and was less puffy. 

We finally made it home at 1:45am.

Benjamin is now on an antibiotic for the infection and a steroid for the allergic reaction. He seems to be in much better spirits today. He is still a little puffy and one eye was crusted shut this morning. Hopefully this illness will go away as quickly as it came on.


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