Potty Training Jacob Day #1

So today after waking up to a messy poopy diaper from Jacob, I decided that once again I was going to try to potty train him. I was DONE with poopy diapers from him. D.O.N.E.  DONE!!!!

So day #1 started....I put him in pull ups this morning and he actually did not fight me to sit on the potty. Instead he was okay with it. I praised him for not having peed in his pull up. I praised him for trying to go. I told him he was such a good boy.

This afternoon, he actually went pee in the potty for the first time! He was so happy.

Then while I was making dinner, he told me he had to go potty. I got him on the potty and he accidentally peed on his leg and he was SO upset.

I hope this is a  sign of good things to come with Jacob going potty, because he needs to be out of diapers. I NEED him to be out of diapers. I think he did a pretty good job for day #1. He went pee in the potty 3 times!  I hope this is a good stepping stone in the right direction.

Any potty training tips for teaching boys to go potty?


  1. Girl, I wish I have something to share with you. My 5-year-old still has accidents and it has been a long long journey with him. My 3-year-old is in process and it too is going slowly. Everyone tells me that it is because they are boys. Who knows for sure, but potty training is a long hard journey. I feel for you and am sending you happy, peaceful thoughts!!


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