An Untamed Heart (book review)

Untamed Heart, An

From the back cover:

Twenty-year-old Ingeborg Strand is certain she is destined to be an old maid. It's not that she's lacked suitors, but now she no longer can have the one she loved.

With the future looking bleak, her mother suggests that she leave Norway and start afresh in America, as so many other have done before her. But how will she accomplish that with little money and no one to accompany her?

Roald Bjorklund is a widower who has been planning to go to America, lured by the promise of free land. He's a good man, a hard-working man--with a young son who desperately needs a mother. Ingeborg can tell Roald is interested in her, but what about love? This isn't how she's always imagined it.

Ingeborg Strand has a heartrending decision to make....

My thoughts:

This book was a gentle surprise. While the back cover was a little misleading, I found the story to be engaging and good. In An Untamed Heart by Lauraine Snelling, I found that Ingeborg is a strong willed woman whose relationship with Nil's fascinated me, even though I really did not understand the family dynamics. I did not feel that the relationship of Nil's and his family was well developed and while this was a small distraction from the story, it did not take anything away from the story of Ingeborg, which is the main focus. I felt that the story was well written and kept me interested. There were times when I felt that I was at seter with the family.

In doing research, I found that apparently this is a prequel to a series by the author. Now that I have read this, I look forward to finding and reading the Red River of the North series.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for a honest review. All opinions are my own.


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