Didn't run in the 5K

A few months ago, I spent $20 and signed up for a 5K to pay off a bet that I had made with my dear hubby.

I went full speed ahead into training and doing a "Couch to 5K" program....

Then I realized, that I HATE running with a passion. I also realized that it was really hard to fit it running time in our household schedule especially in the fall.

Never fear...my plan was then to walk the 5K instead.

Then Jacob got sick with pneumonia....then a few days later, I started getting sick. Not sick enough to miss work, but sick enough to feel run down and just wierd in my chest. And that has continued to today...

After thinking about it, I decided to NOT participate in today's 5K and instead chalk it up to a charitable donation. All proceeds from this race go to our county's Food for the Hungry cause.

Never fear, I told Bill that I would participate in one by April or May of next year to pay off the bet....


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