Snow and Cake

The snowy view outside my kitchen window....
This morning we woke up to a little over an inch of snow on the ground. There was no school delays or closings, even though Bill said the roads were icy. We started getting rain last night that changed over to snow overnight. It is also really cold outside. I guess "Old Man Winter" has decided to make an early appearance this year. I feel like this winter is going to be wet and cold! Today it was very cold, although the sun did try to peek through a little bit. Made the snow glisten and was pretty....

My first ever homemade from scratch cake!


This weather makes me want to bake. So I decided to try to make a cake from scratch....something I have never done before. I decided to make this cake for dear hubby as I was not very nice to him on the phone this morning when he called. I was short tempered with him and I really should not have been. So that also means dinner will be made just for him....hamburger helper. I will eat the stuff but I don't really care for it. I even made the frosting from scratch. And after dinner, the verdict on the cake was very yummy! I think I will definitely have to make it again, as the recipe was so simple to follow. Definitely a keeper!

Did you get snow where you live? Do you make desserts from scratch or from a box?


  1. Looks delish! The cake. Not the snow. :) Which we also have here, but barely a dusting.


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