Gratitude Sunday #3

Over on facebook, many of my family and friends and people that I have been following are taking this month to share things that they are grateful for heading up to Thanksgiving.

I have decided to follow along but in my own on my blog...

Life is so precious and I have been feeling overwhelmed with everything that is going on that often I am not taking the time to be grateful for what I do have and the good things in life.

Now is the time to change that.

I hope to come back here every Sunday and tell things that I am thankful for each day of that week.


This week was a rough week. I was in a pretty depressed state during most of the week. No real reason why.....I feel a little better today and am bound and determined to work my way out of this.
One way I can do that is to be grateful for my blessings. So this past week I have been grateful for:

For family time-- On Sunday we went to church, went to walmart to pick up a couple of things and then got the kids McDonald's for lunch. It was simple family time.

For Veterans--- there are many men and women that I know that have fought for our freedom and to keep our freedom. I know that I would never be brave enough to do that...I am thankful for all those who were brave enough.

For Snow--- yes I am thankful for the white stuff. It is very pretty to look at and looks clean and fresh which makes me feel good.

For healthy staff members at work--- this past week we have had a few days of being severely understaffed as a few members were out sick. Thankfully on Wednesday I had a full staff!

For boys who love to shop with mommy---took the boys to the store and Jacob loves to shop with me, and Benjamin is usually pretty good, even when he throws things out of the cart. :)

For my sister. She babysat for me while I had to be at work early, and Bill had to go cover something for work. She is awesome!

For warmer weather--- We were able to take the kids to the park on Saturday and play at the playground as the weather was cloudy but with temps close to 55 degrees. The kids had fun running around and playing!

So there you have it...Even when I am dealing with depression issues, I still need to be thankful!

What are you thankful for today?


  1. Hmmmmmm...I am thankful for lots of text messages from my daughter today :) lots of messages from Michael who is in the Bahamas right now (a sister passed away), good food (I made stuffed peppers), a good book on my iPad (a Ruth Rendell mystery), no tornadoes...(so far!) Have a happy and healthy week Rachel!

  2. Sometimes prior to the Holidays I get a little depressed, I think it is because of expectations and I am so busy. But I am thankful for many things. I get to come to this blog and see those cute kids and they all make me smile. You are one lucky lady.


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