May Crowning

To Catholics around the world, the image of the Virgin Mary is a very holy one. We honor Mary as the mother of God and we pray to her asking for her intercession on our behalf. In most, if not all, Catholic churches May is defined by a holiness surrounding Mary. My local Catholic Church is no different. Every May they hold a May Crowning celebrating Mary  as Queen of all. During the celebration, a girl is chosen in each class to be the attendant to Mary, with the May Crowing queen coming from the eighth grade girls.

This morning was the May Crowning Mass. Rebecca was chosen this year to be the first grade attendant; which meant she had to dress up and she got to carry a flower in the procession and help to pass the crown of flowers that was used to crown Mary. It was a beautiful Mass and honor to be able to attend.


  1. Rebecca looks beautiful! Such a poised and lovely attendant to Our Lady!

  2. Aww, she looks beautiful! What a special moment for her!

  3. How Sweet and of course she is the cutest one up there.


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