This week.....

This week has been one word....BUSY!

I am actually writing this in between Jacob's soccer game and Rebecca's softball game.

Let's see this week....

Monday, I had tons of running around to do in the morning. Then in the afternoon I had to work. Rebecca was supposed to have a softball game, but the game got cancelled because of standing water on the fields, but her coach still had practice. She had to miss because she got in trouble at school.

Tuesday, I had to bake 8 dozen cookies for a meeting that I had on Wednesday. I also had to do some research for the meeting. I also had work in the afternoon.

Wednesday, I had laundry to work on in the morning, work in the afternoon. Came home long enough to feed Rebecca and the boys. Babysitter came for the boys and Rebecca and I went back to school for an "American Heritage Girls'' informational meeting. I am on the board for the new chapter that is forming at our school and it was our first meeting. I think the meeting went well.

Thursday, was my long day at work with LOTS going on.

Yesterday, I had errands to run in the morning and I don't know what was going on but the stores were PACKED. Had work which was crazy busy. Then home in to make dinner and feed the kiddos. Last night, I vegged on the couch, watching TV and reading some magazines that I had received in the mail.

Each day this week, Bill was gone for work in the morning, came home for lunch and to watch the boys while I went to work, then left almost immediately after I came home for work, returning home around 10-11 most nights.

Today, we got up in time to get to soccer on time. Bill and Rebecca had to leave the soccer game early, as Rebecca had to go take part in tag day (which is where the girls are at area businesses, soliciting donations for their softball league from the public). They are going to bring lunch home and then we are off to softball. Hopefully they can get the game in as we are having random showers all day today.

There have been times this week where I have felt like a chicken running around in circles. It is okay though, I like to be busy as long as it is a productive busy. Well I am off to unload the dishwasher and start laundry before we have to head out to softball. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


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