New shoes, the van needs breakfast? and other things...

Tuesday we had some wild weather. It was raining and gross in the morning. Then in the afternoon, the sun came out and it got really warm--close to 78F. When I came home from work, we took the kids outside to play and take advantage of the weather. The kids had a blast.

Later that night, we had a line of strong/severe storms blow threw. There was some pretty ominous clouds that I tried to capture. There was LOTS of lightening and it rained really hard.

Yesterday was a day of running errands in more rain. First up, I took the boys to mass as it was an all school mass led by the first graders. Rebecca read one of the responsorial psalms and did a great job. The boys behaved beautifully as well. After mass, we went over to the school cafeteria where they had coffee and donuts for the guests at the mass. We got to share yummy Tim Horton's donuts with Rebecca; Benjamin and I shared a yummy cruller donut and Jacob and Rebecca each had a chocolate glazed donut. So fun and a great way to start the day.

After we left school, the boys and I had some errands to run. First up was a stop at a local sporting goods store. Of course we got there before they opened, so the boys and I went down to Kmart (which is in the same shopping plaza) to look around. I have been on the lookout for sandals for Jacob and Rebecca for playing outside in. I found Jacob and Rebecca sandals.

While we were looking for shoes, I always look at the women's shoes. I have a large foot (size 11W) and it is hard to find cute shoes that I like and that fit me. I have always been self conscious of my shoes ever since I was teased as a child because back then they did not make cute shoes for kids with big feet. Well I scored....I found a very cute pair of leopard print shoes that fit! They are so cute and out of the ordinary for me. I LOVE them!

After we left Kmart we went to the sporting good store where I found Rebecca 2 pairs of shorts for her softball uniform. They were buy 1 get one 50% off. So yay for that. Then the boys and I headed to Kroger to get milk. While we were there, Jacob wanted to see the lobsters. As we were by the lobsters I looked over in the meat case and they had chicken thighs seasoned with cajun seasoning that my hubby likes for $0.99 a lb. I bought both packages they had. Meat is so expensive these days. I actually had a nice conversation with an older gentleman in a wheelchair about the rising cost of meat, after he pointed out a roast that was on managers special for $22. That is no special in my book or this gentleman's. I told hubby about this when he came home and he said for $22 that thing better be "moo" ing! LOL

After we left, I had to stop and get gas for our van. While I was pulling into the gas station Jacob asked me what I was doing. I said I have to get gas for the van. He asked why. I said because the van needs gas to be able to move. He said " Oh, so the van needs breakfast. Benjamin and I had breakfast and now the van needs breakfast." After I got back in the van, after filling it up, Jacob then said that the van thought breakfast was yummy. LOL Silly Kid!

Overall, it was a busy, but productive day of running errands. Today, I need to work on  laundry....

Have you scored any deals lately? What are you up to today? 


  1. You did really well shopping for bargains and your shoes are so cute!! No bargains in this neck of the woods because I'm trying NOT to shop! So far so good!

  2. Those shoes are adorable. Those clouds are terrifying. And your deal scoring abilities are amazing. Keep it up! :)


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