Memorial Day Parade and Van news

Monday was Memorial Day and the end of our long 3 day weekend. After dealing with van issues and the Ice Cream festival on Sunday, we were looking forward to going to our town's Memorial Day parade on Monday and hopefully getting the van fixed.

Every year, our town has a large Memorial Day parade that honors all the veterans in our community. It is a really nice parade. This year was no exception. This year was even more special because Rebecca got to walk in the parade with her softball team.

The weather was perfect. She had to meet up with her team at 9am, so Bill took her and dropped her off. Then we loaded the boys up and headed to the parade route. We technically could have walked there, but it was faster to drive, which is a good thing because I had to come back home and get the sun screen I forgot.

The parade was lovely. There was a lot of veterans who were in the parade this year. And a couple of them, got out of the vehicles they were riding in and walked the parade. Here are these men in there late 70s, early 80s walking in full uniform in the heat. It was amazing to see.

We got to see my brother walking with his boy scout troop. He is close to becoming an Eagle Scout.
The boys liked watching the parade.

Rebecca had a blast walking with her softball teammates.

Right before the parade started, we received a call from Firestone about what was wrong with our van. Apparently there was an oil leak coming for a valve. Having to sit in the hot sun yesterday caused the oil to land on the fan cap and to cause some resistance in the fan system, which caused the fan switch to overheat and melt (thus the rubber burning smell). The smoke we saw was from the oil overheating. They had to replace the fan system and he said that it was a good thing we didn't continue driving it, because it could have lead to damage to the engine. $470 later we have the van back home and hopefully won't have any other issues with it in the near future.

After the parade was over, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings with my parents, sister, brother and family friends and had lunch, which was yummy. After we came home, the kids watched "Frozen" for the millionth time, Bill mowed the grass, and I started laundry. I took a 2 hour nap in the afternoon as well.

Overall, it was a LONG, but good weekend (minus the issues with the in laws and the van)!


  1. Well thank goodness the engine wasn't affected on your fun. Isn't car maintenance fun?? There's always something! I have to get my truck in for a good once over before heading to PEI in June. Keeping my fingers crossed! You had a busy but fun weekend!


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