Soccer and Softball

Over the last couple of weeks our lives have revolved around Rebecca playing softball and Jacob playing soccer.

This is Jacob's first experience playing in a soccer league, or any league of any sort. He loves being with the other kids, and would rather play with the other kids than kick the soccer ball. But he has fun and that is the name of the game in the preschool league I suppose.  This past Saturday, he was hopping like a frog with another kid, while the soccer ball was on the other side of the field. He was excited because after his game, we went to Tim Horton's and he was given a medal and 4 timbit donuts for playing. (Tim Horton's sponsors the YMCA preschool league.)

Rebecca is playing softball for our local girls softball 8 and under league. She is having a blast. The coaches she has in this session are great and have taught her a lot. She has had a least 1 hit in every game she has played in. On Friday night, she had 3 hits (a double and 2 singles). She is getting better defensively as well. Usually she plays catcher or in right field. She loves playing softball!

I love that my kids are getting active and having fun. It is sometimes a lot (like this past week, when Rebecca had 3 softball games) but if the kids are enjoying it then I am okay with it.


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