Plain Faith by Irene and Ora Jay Eash (book review)

Plain Faith: A True Story of Tragedy, Loss and Leaving the Amish
Book Description: 

This is the true story of Ora-Jay and Irene Eash, Amish farmers from northwest Montana whose lives changed in an instant when a semi-truck struck the family buggy, killing their two young daughters.
After the accident, the couple turned to their Amish community for comfort, but they remained haunted by the thought that they might not see their girls again in heaven. Would their deeds be good enough? Eventually Ora-Jay and Irene learned that grace—not works—was enough to ensure their place in eternity. But with that knowledge came the realization that they could no longer live in an Amish community that didn’t share this precious belief. Could they sever their connection to the Amish family they loved?
This is the story of their journey to the hope that is heaven, a hope stronger than the loss of children, family, and a way of life. Fans of Amish fiction will appreciate such a real-life look into the Amish community, co-written by bestselling author Tricia Goyer, and readers of all kinds will resonate with this tale of courage, resilience, and the redemption found in the grace of Jesus.
My thoughts: 
Here in my town we see many Amish daily, whether they are riding down the main road in their horse and buggies, or they are shopping at Aldi and Walmart. I have always been fascinated in the Amish way of life. There have been an influx in Amish programming on TV, primarily following Amish who have left the faith. I have always wondered about the dynamics of living in an Amish community and what happens if you find that you can't. Plain Faith by Irene and Ora Jay Eash is a wonderful read and touches on this particular subject. 
After losing their young daughters in a buggy accident, Ora Jay and Irene Eash begin to question their Amish faith and begin to seek a more one-on-one relationship with God. This development eventually leads them to leave the Amish life and face the consequences that that holds. I found it very revealing the process that the couple went through and I felt that I gained a better understanding of what it meant to be an Amish person within the community. I feel that I have a better understanding of the Amish work based communal faith versus Christianity's personal faith. I applaud the Eashes for listening to God and following their hearts so that they can live in the way that they felt that God was calling them to live. For each of us, that is our way of life and how we should strive to live. 
This was a very heartwarming, entertaining and educational book wrapped into one. I highly recommend it. 
I was sent a copy of this book by Book Look Bloggers program and the publisher Zondervan in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own. 


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