Vacation Bible School and Graduation cakes

This week we have been busy, busy, busy. Rebecca and Jacob attended our church's Vacation Bible School or as the school is now calling it "Catholic Kidz Kamp" Sunday night through Thursday night. Rebecca missed Wednesday night because of a softball game, but did the other nights (actually she skipped softball Thursday to go and be part of the end of the week performance). Most of the nights, Bill had to work so it was just Benjamin and I. We took advantage of it. We went to Walmart one night to take something back, Kmart one night to look for pjs and a swimsuit (which we found neither) and my mom stopped by one night.
Jacob did really well for it being his first dose of "school". He would leave me in the sign in line and find his group and sit down and wait for his name tag. I heard from a few of the volunteers that he did really well. :)
Last night, they had their end of the week performance, where they perform songs and dances that they have learned throughout the week. They were really cute. Jacob spent a lot of his time turned around watching the other kids and saying hi to his sister. LOL I am just glad that they both had a blast.

Tonight, I am glad that Catholic Kidz Kamp is over though as I had to make 2 graduation cakes for my sister. Yes I told her that I would make her 2. Her favorite cake flavors are red velvet and funfetti. So I made her a small red velvet cake with her college logo on it, and I made a large funfetti cake for her high school graduation cake. I hope that she likes them.

Tomorrow I need to run the cakes out to my parents house in the morning. Then we have softball, and then Mary's graduation party. Should be another busy day.....

Hope everyone has a great weekend! (Don't forget to enter my thinkThin bars giveaway!)


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