What have I been up to?

Well obviously not blogging! LOL

I have been up to a lot and been very busy actually. Let's see if I can remember everything that I have been doing...

Last Friday night, Rebecca was supposed to have her first tournament game.On our way there, I got a text that it was cancelled due to rain in the area. After coming home and feeding the kids, I decided to take the kids to our local "Relay for Life" event. I am part of a team that was participating. As I was heading there, I got a text from my hubby saying that he didn't want us to go as he had a bad feeling about us going..... Well we went and about 15 minutes after we got there we were caught in a torrential downpour of rain. The kids were soaked to the bone and crying and I was soaked. We were able to get back to the tent but we were all dripping wet. We stood under the tent for probably half an hour or so, until my mom offered to take us in her van back to our van. She was parked kind of close to the tent so I said yes. It finally started slowing down rain, as we were getting ready to leave. It was definitely NOT fun.

Saturday and Sunday, we had Rebecca's softball tournament games. Her team won their first game on Saturday, and lost their second game. After the second game, we went to dinner with my in-laws and my parents who had come to watch her play. Sunday morning we had to have her at the softball fields by 8am for warm ups. Thankfully my sister came to watch the boys because there was a possibility that she would have had to play 5 games on Sunday. The first game they won. The next game at 1:30 they lost so her team was eliminated. Her team came in 4th in the tournament. Overall it was a successful softball season and Rebecca learned a lot.

Monday, Benjamin woke up bright and early crying and with a fever. Over the course of the day, I did the Motrin/Tylenol treatment to keep his fever down, but it wasn't helping and he threw up twice. That evening, I took him to Urgent Care where they diagnosed him with an ear infection in each ear. Just great. I guess you can get ear infections with ear tubes....the doctor said he thought that rain water from getting drenched on Friday night collected in Ben's ears and that caused the infections.

As Benjamin and I were leaving Urgent Care to come home, it started pouring torrentially. Over the course of Monday night through Wednesday night our area got over 7 inches of rain. There was widespread flooding in our area. We did not have any immediate flooding, although we did get some water in one half our our basement.

In between the rain showers, there really wasn't much to do as it was too hot and humid to do anything outside and I didn't feel like doing much of anything inside. So I ended up reading a lot for pleasure.

Thursday morning the kids and I went to the grocery stores....we went to Walmart, Aldi and Kroger. I am hoping to make the groceries last for over a week. When we came home, my sister came over to watch Rebecca and Jacob as I had to take Benjamin to a make-up speech therapist appointment that he missed on Monday when he was sick.

Today, I had a tutoring session this morning with a girl that I have tutored the last 3 summers. She is entering the 6th grade in the fall. We are both having loads of fun with the common core mathematics that she is working on. NOT! Right now I should be folding laundry, but I really don't want to. Rebecca is playing on the Wii, Benjamin is snuggling with me, Jacob is playing with a drawing toy and Bill is napping on the couch. It is just a relaxed Friday afternoon.

I hope everyone has had a great week! Hopefully I can keep caught up with blogging and not wait another week to post.

What have you been up to this week? 


  1. Hi - I am a new follower of your blog. I don't know where you are but I am our here in dry, dry Arizona and I wish we could get a little of your rain. Your children sure are cute. Have a happy weekend. I look forward to visiting again sometime soon!


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