Softball League Runner-ups

Wednesday night was Rebecca's last regular season softball game. This weekend, they have their league tournament. Then softball will be over until the fall (not that I am ready for a break or Bill got her signed up for fall ball tonight while at her game.

Back to her last game. Her team won by 21 runs.. final score was 32-11. It was great. Rebecca got a base hit which was nice. She is the second youngest on the team and there are times that it shows. But she loves softball and loves playing it and being with the other girls.

After the game, the league awarded the team their second place in the league trophy. Each team member also got a smaller trophy. Rebecca was ecstatic because she had never received a trophy before.

Thankfully, the rain and storms held off until after they were done with the game and the trophy presentation. The team was having a pizza party picnic after the game to celebrate, but the boys and I came home since there was a huge storm coming in. Bill and Rebecca actually left the party early too as Rebecca didn't like being out in the storm.

All in all it was a great softball season for Rebecca. I hope that she and her team does well in the tournaments.


  1. Rebecca looks beyond thrilled! Good for her for getting a base hit! When I was her age I wanted so much to play ball but the teams were only for boys back then :( Glad to see things have changed!


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