So behind....

I am so behind on posting on this here blog, it is not even funny. So much has been going on....

My sister graduated high school on Sunday. Tomorrow is the last day of 1st grade for Rebecca. I have a job interview on Thursday. Work has been crazy busy. Saturday was the last day of soccer for Jacob. Rebecca is keeping us busy playing softball. Bill's work schedule is super duper crazy. I am gearing up for Relay for Life. I have at least 3 books that I have read that I need to post reviews for. I have a product review and giveaway that I need to post. So many posts to do and so little time.

Hopefully, I will be able to get some of them written and posted this week. Life is crazy right now....

How is your life right now? Crazy? Calm? In between?


  1. Totally crazy. I think this time of year just lends itself to that. Good luck with all your crazy! I am off to deal with mine. :)

  2. When you've got kids June is a hectic month. Either that or if you're a teacher like me!! And one who is retiring to boot!! When my daughter was in highland dancing we travelled all over Canada every summer and that kept up constantly hopping.
    Maybe try to get one post done per day, Rachel, then it won't seem so overwhelming?


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