Meeting Shrek

Every summer our local theater organization puts on a family musical with typically 7-9 showtimes. Last year they performed "Music Man." Last year was the first year I attended one of the showings. I took my mom and Rebecca to see it as one of my closest friends and Benjamin's Godparents were in it. I wasn't sure what to expect as it was a cast of community members and I remember shows growing up that were done by community theaters and they stunk. Well I was pleasantly surprised at how good the show was and the talent of people in our community.

Well this summer, they are performing "Shrek the Musical." On Saturday, there was a meet and greet with the Shrek cast, along with cookies, balloons and some performances of some of the songs that the cast sings. We took the kids down to meet Shrek and to see Benjamin's Godmother who is playing Princess Fiona.
Benjamin and Jacob did not want to get anywhere near Shrek, while Rebecca was skeptical but decided to do it.

During the singing of the couple of songs that we stayed to watch, the boys were enthralled and seemed to love it. The kids enjoyed the morning...they got to have cookies and they each got a Shrek pencil and a Shrek bookmark. It was a fun way to spend a Saturday morning!

Does your community have a community theater? 
What was the last play that you saw?


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