Christmas Day

We were blessed to be able to sleep in on Christmas Day. Truth be told, I was up at 7am, but the kids didn't get up until 8:30.

Santa came!

We headed downstairs to see if and what Santa brought. The kids were so excited.

Coming down the stairs....

Here comes Ben...

Benjamin headed straight for the presents wrapped in "choo-choos" paper and wanted to start opening. But, we had to open the stockings first. The kids opened their stockings from Santa.

Then they opened their presents from us (Mom and Dad). Rebecca's presents were wrapped in Charlie Brown paper. Jacob's presents were wrapped in super hero paper and Benjamin's was wrapped in Thomas the Train paper. (We do this every year to make it easier for the kids to see which presents are theirs.) We got each child a new outfit, some books, a toy, and a few little things that they needed (like Benjamin got cups and underwear, Jacob got new tennis shoes, and Rebecca got new boots).We also got all 3 kids a scooter. After opening gifts from us, then they opened gifts from each other.


Then they got to open their Santa gift. In our house, the kids each ask Santa for one thing and they get 1 present from Santa. This year, Benjamin got a tote full of Thomas the Train tracks and a few trains. Jacob got some new superhero toys that go with his set. And Rebecca got Beado's Gems (a craft kit with little beads). The kids all enjoyed their presents.

While the kids were playing with their new things, Bill and I opened our presents. "Santa" got Bill a Harry Potter Adult Coloring book and a box of crayons. "Santa" got me a large George Foreman grill. Bill also receieved the 6 Star Wars movies on blu-ray and Season 2 of "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." on dvd, and a pair of slippers. I also received a waffle maker and a massager for my back.

The aftermath

Most of the morning and early afternoon, was spent just lounging around and relaxing. Around mid-afternoon, we got dressed and headed out to my parent's house for Christmas dinner.

Dressed in their new clothes to head to Nanny and Pappy's house

We had a lot of fun and laughs.

We opened and received many wonderful gifts, including new comforters and sheet sets for Rebecca and Jacob's beds, toys and books for the kids, new throw pillows and blankets for our couches, etc. My favorite gift though was a statue set that my sister made me. It is absolutely adorable and I love that she made it for me..

After opening gifts we had dinner...ham, meatballs, little smokies, potatoes, green beans, rolls, etc. It was all yummy.

After dinner, it was time for family pictures that my mother insisted on.....

My sister and I

My brother and his family

Me and my siblings

My mom and dad
Bill, the kids and I

Me and my one and only

Then my brother and his family left. My dad, brother, his girlfriend, Bill and I sat down to play Rummy. Needless to say, my dad was not having a good night with his cards and he ended up with -20. My brother beat me in the last round by 5 points.

While we were playing Rummy, the kids were laying on the couch watching cartoons and taking selfies with my mom! LOL

Overall, it was a fun way to end Christmas Day.

We left soon after to head home and head to bed, because Saturday was going to bring the last of the Christmas celebrations....


  1. Looks like the perfect Christmas! I love the little family figures. So cute!


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