Took the kids to see Santa

Each year we try to take the kids to see Santa. In the past, we have done the mall Santa. We have taken them to see Santa near their paternal Grandparents house. We have taken them to see Santa on the square here in town (can you say "Willie Nelson" Santa in both looks and smell!). Each year is kind of different as we haven't found one place or way that we really like.

This year, a friend posted on facebook that Santa was going to be at a local real estate office on Sunday for free pictures with Santa. So we decided to surprise the kids and took them to see him after church.

The kids loved seeing Santa! The setup was beautiful and this Santa was so good with the kids, interacting with them and talking to them.

Rebecca went first and she told Santa that she wanted Beado gems for Christmas.

Jacob went next and he actually sat on Santa's lap. Last year, he wouldn't go anywhere near Santa. He told Santa that he wanted football cards and super heroes!

Benjamin went last. I had to walk him over to Santa (or as Ben calls him "Ho, Ho, Ho") but once he was near there and Santa gave him a hi-five, Ben sat down on his lap and started talking to him. No one could understand what Ben was saying but that is okay; I am sure Santa understood.

Then all the kids had their group picture taken.

I am so grateful that they had a great experience with Santa this year!


  1. Very sweet pics... Love the pink tree! Lol!!

    1. It actually worked really well in the room, as the wall it was next to was pink. Although I think this is the first time I have ever seen Santa next to a pink tree! LOL


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