Exploring Honey Run Waterfall and Park

This past weekend, we had record temperatures here-- it was close to 70F both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, I had a mountain of laundry to do and the house was a mess...however, I said forget it, we were going out.

We decided to head out to explore a waterfall that is not too far from our house (about 20 minutes). Honey Run Highlands Park is in our county's park district; however we have never been there.

There are 2 sides to the park...we chose to explore the side with the waterfall. 

The park  features a 25 foot tall waterfall feature which is beautiful. The kids had a blast seeing the Honey Run Waterfall for the first time. We had fun hiking and climbing over rocks.

Rebecca said she was surprised to find that the rocks under where the water was running was slimy! (She told me later that night that her favorite part of the day was climbing over the waterfall with me!)

After we left the waterfall area, we hiked along some of the paths...

At one point, we came across a huge hills with large rocks. Further up the path, we could see some guys climbing them and I made the comment that I could get all the way up to the top too...my hubby said no you can't. Well, don't tell me I can't do something so I did it, just to prove him wrong and to show the kids that mom can do things too.

After I successfully came down, without falling or breaking anything, we headed off down the path some more, where it reaches the Kokosing River.

The kids love anything with water and had fun throwing rocks and sticks into the river. It was very pretty and felt so good to be outside without coats on 2 weeks before Christmas! We will definitely be making this part of our outdoors rotation come Spring!


  1. Fantastic! And good for you for accepting the challange!


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