Teacher gifts, snow, decorations, and busted lips!

This is a this and that kind of post. Nothing really warranting a stand alone post, but some stuff that I want to remember for the ages. 

First of all, Friday was the kids' last day of school before Christmas. They have 2 weeks off! In years past I have done several different things for teacher appreciation Christmas gifts, including gift cards, homemade goodies, etc. This year I decided to let the kids get crafty and this was their finished product. We wrapped large candy bars in white paper. Put a pair of fuzzy socks on top tied with a ribbon for a hat and the kids drew snowman faces on them. I also had the kids sign cards for their teachers. The 3 on the left are the ones Benjamin did (he has a teacher, assistant teacher and his aide). Rebecca did the 4th one from the left and Jacob did the one on the right. (Jacob also forgot to give his to his teacher on Friday so I guess she will get hers when they go back). I think they turned out adorable! 

The weather here has been crazy. Earlier last week, we had record high temperatures. Thursday it was in the 50s. Then Friday evening, I looked out to this! SNOW! It was really coming down and right after I took this picture it was almost white out conditions. It didn't stick, but it was very pretty to look at. Doesn't look like we will have a white Christmas but it was nice to look at and begin the kids' Christmas break.

Bill and Rebecca got all of the outside light up and on. Each year we add something new. This year it was the net lights for the trees. I think it looks really festive!

Each year I also try to add just a little something to our inside the house decorations. This year, we added a small tree to the boys' room. Rebecca has had a tree the last couple of years in her room, after she took the one I used to use in my classroom when I was teaching full time. This year, I bought a pre-lit one to add to the boys' room and they love it. They have a blue star on top and bulb and drum ornaments. Makes the perfect nightlight for December. 

I also bought Rebecca a pink sparkly star for her tree and some new ornaments, including some really cute pink and purple owls. I also added a string of lights to her tree. 

On Saturday morning, we had a bad start to the kids' Christmas break. The boys woke up and were playing in their room. Things got out of hand; Jacob was on Ben's bed and apparently Ben tried to get back into his bed and Jacob pushed Ben away causing him to fall face first into the edge of Jacob's metal bed. Ben started screaming and there was so much blood as Ben cut his lower lip in several places and has a bruised and scraped up face and mouth. Oi! Not the way to start break. He cried for almost half an hour, but then began to feel a little better. I know it bothers him because he keeps touching his face, but it could have been so much worse. (If they are like this now, how are they going to be when they are older?)

How are things going at your house? Are you ready for Christmas? Any craziness going on?


  1. It should be called the crazy season not Christmas season. It's nuts here.
    Those are adorable gifts. Good idea and thoughtful.

  2. For a glimpse of what comes around eventually, I have 3 grown sons. Today they were all sitting on the den floor with my only granddaughter playing doll house with her.

  3. What great gifts for your children's teachers. Home made is always best. Love the pic of the baileys and lindt. Would be my perfect gift to receive too :-)


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