St. Nick came to visit

Yesterday was the feast day of St. Nicholas. A few years ago, we started a tradition of the kids leaving their shoes out so that St. Nick could bring them a treat. We read the story of St. Nicholas the night before and then the kids put their shoes out before they go to bed. This year was no different.

Sunday morning, the kids awoke to find that St. Nick had brought them a new ornament and a treat.

Rebecca received m&ms and an American Heritage Girls ornament to represent her 2015.

Jacob received m&ms and a Seattle Seahawks football helmet ornament to represent his 2015.

Benjamin received m&ms and a Thomas the Tank Engine ornament to represent his 2015.

Bill and I also received an ornament to share-- a Gatlinburg, Tennessee ornament to represent our 10th anniversary and family trip from the summer. Bill also received the dvd "Jingle All the Way" and I received the dvd "Elf." Bill also received a Snickers peanut butter squared candy and I recieved a Lindt lindor stick. Yummy!

It was a nice way to treat the kids and get ornaments to remember their years. 


  1. That is an adorable tradition. I wish I had done that when my kids were young.

  2. What a wonderful tradition!!


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