More park fun (at a different park)

On Saturday we explored a new to us park in our area-- Honey Run Highlands Park. Not to be outdone, we decided on Sunday to spend some more time outside enjoying the warmer weather, that is anything but typical for Ohio in December.

After we went to see Santa, we surprised the kids with lunch out at another favorite park of ours. Yes, we broke our no fast food rule.... 

After we ate lunch, the kids had fun looking at all the geese and running around the banks of the pond and trying to skip rocks across the pond.

Then we went up another path that we had never taken before to another bridge that we hadn't seen before.

It was another lovely way to spend some time outdoors in the unseasonably warm weather!


  1. You know the best thing about self imposed rules? You get to decide when to break them. it sounds like the perfect day for a fast food picnic!


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