Ouch! That hurt!

Things have been a mess around here lately. Earlier in the week, I was sick. I basically spent most of Tuesday and Wednesday in bed. My hubby was also sick, but he graciously allowed me to rest. Well, Wednesday night I sent him off to urgent care...because he had a bad case of pink eye in BOTH eyes. He came home with eye drops and cough medicine. He had been coughing for a few days before that. Friday, I felt almost back to normal and Bill went back to work...maybe we were on the mend. Yeah, right.

Saturday, Bill had to work all day and I needed to catch up on the mountain of laundry. Well on one of the trips down the basement stairs, I was on the top step and then I was on the floor at the bottom of the steps. I fell down the entire flight of steps (8 steps). Thankfully, I kind of slid down, but today I am very sore and my back and my butt are very sore to the touch. I also tweaked my arm and foot, but it could have been a lot worse. Who knew laundry could be a hazard!

Last night, Bill spent most of the night awake coughing up a lung and sweating and freezing. I sent him back to Urgent Care today, and he came home with a diagnosis of bronchitis, so now he is on a z-pack and a steroid to help his coughing. I am hobbling around sore. We sure do make a sight to behold.


  1. Oh...I feel so bad for you guys!! Nothing worse than both being sick at the same time AND life still goes on with 3 kids to care for. I hope you're both back in tip top condition now!

    1. We are still dealing with illness. Now I have an ear infection on top of the head cold. I will deal, because that is what I do. Hope things are well with you Jane!


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