Christmas treats

On Saturday I was really in the mood to make some Christmas treats. Usually by now I have made bunches and bunches of cookies and treats. Not this year. I just haven't had the time or the energy.

Well Saturday, after the debacle of the busted up lip, I needed chocolate! So I decided to try out a couple new to me recipes.

First up were these Chocolate pretzel treats.  I was given some a few years ago as part of a cookie plate and oh my they are SO GOOD! I had pretzels left over from Rebecca's AHG party and I had the kids unwrap all the hershey kisses and my hubby put the m&m's on top as I burned myself when I was trying to do the first one. LOL Seriously though, these are worth all the effort. They are time consuming but so easy and yummy to make.

Then, later Saturday night, Rebecca was out at a lock-in with her friend. Bill was at work and the boys were playing and I decided to try my hand at Christmas Crack. I had this for the first time earlier in December, but the day I had it I wasn't feeling too well so I only had one piece. But it was really good as well. I think mine turned out really good as well. Again, it was super simple to make with ingredients that I had in my pantry! And even my hubby liked it when he came home.

Last, but not least, on Saturday night my dear friend stopped by to pick Rebecca up to take her to her first lock-in with her friend Amelia (first time both girls had stayed away from home without mom present). She also came bearing gifts for my kids and for Bill and I. Rebecca got a barbie and a candy cane full of Reese's pieces (she can't have red m&m's due to the red dye). Benjamin got a new choo-choo and Jacob got a set of cars. She also included a gift for Bill and I.....of some Christmas treats! She knows me well!

Have you made any Christmas treats lately? What is your favorite Christmas treat to make?


  1. I helped Den make one batch of cookies last Friday and then Saturday he made fudge and toffee while I wrapped. Last weekend, he made cookies while I got DJ. It's always a mad dash into madness during the holiday season.
    Merry Christmas!!!

    1. Mmmm fudge! One thing I can never get right. Merry Christmas!

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  2. I made praline fudge, peanut butter fudge and I have several recipes of cookie dough I made and froze in balls or dropped on cookie sheets which were then bagged so as many or few can be taken out and baked.


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