Election Day 2016- Get out and vote!

Today is Election Day. Today is the day that our country will vote on who will be the next president. Will it be Hillary Clinton or will it be Donald Trump? 

I am not here to sway your vote. I am just here to say to go vote. I voted absentee as I have a busy day with the kids and with tutoring today. I wanted to make sure that my vote was heard. 

I have always held the opinion that if you make the choice NOT to vote, then you do not have a right to complain to me about who is in the White House or in Congress or in any political position. It really irritates me when people act like they know so much about what is going on in the political arena and then they say they didn't vote. Why the heck not? Seriously, it is a right and a priveladge to vote in our country. Please take it seriously. Get informed and get out and vote!


There is one last thing that I will say about today. One of the best things about it being Election Day is that we can be sure that whether our candidate wins or loses, we won't have to endure political ads on TV tomorrow!! ;-)  



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