Sickness has invaded once again

It's November, so let the sicknesses start in our house. SIGH! 

Tuesday night, Bill came down with some sort of stomach illness complete with fever. He was still feeling bad yesterday morning, so he called in sick to work. He has a really busy schedule the next couple of days that require him to do a lot of driving so that was best. He seemed better last night.

On Sunday and Monday, Benjamin wasn't feeling good. Had a runny nose and not a lot of energy. He seemed better energy wise on Tuesday and yesterday, but he still has a runny nose.

On Monday, my nose started running and my right eye started tearing up a few times throughout the day. Great. Late last night it started getting worse with my right ear hurting and it hurt to swallow on the right side. So this morning, I packed the kids up and we headed to Urgent Care...diagnosis: severe congestion. Thankfully, no ear infection. They recommended Mucinex and Motrin for pain. 

Also, yesterday morning, Jacob woke up with a fever of 101.5. He had no energy and was just blah. As the day went on motrin/tylenol seemed to keep his fever down. We left the kids with my mom so that we could go to parent teacher conferences. We had one with Ben's teacher at 5. As we were leaving that, my mom called and said Jacob's fever was up to 103+ and he was burning up and crying. I had given him Motrin less than 3 hours before. I made the decision to come home and take him to Urgent Care and Bill could go to the other 2 conferences. 

When we got to Urgent Care, his fever was 104 (even though my mom had given him tylenol 45 minutes earlier) and he was complaining that his belly hurt. Diagnosis: Ear infections in both ears and swollen glands. According to the doctor the swollen glands are connected to a gland system in the stomach area which is why he was having pain there. So he was put on an antibiotic, nausea meds, and motrin/tylenol regime. 

Something funny did happen while we were there. We were in the exam room, and Jacob pointed to something on the wall and said "Mommy, what is that?" I looked over and he was pointing to a telephone. He had NO idea what it was. Man do I feel old. 

So, we are not having a fun time in our house. Thankfully, Rebecca so far has not gotten sick (knock on wood). My kids have today and tomorrow off from school due to parent teacher conferences, so hopefully we can all just rest and get better. 


  1. Tis the germy season! I've been fighting a virus for 2 weeks! Hope you're all better soon!

    1. Thanks Jane! Right now the only one well is Rebecca. Bill came home last night with the same head cold symptoms as me and tonight Benjamin's nose started running again. Tis the season. Hope you are getting over your virus.


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