Exploring a new playground and trail

On Sunday the weather was just perfect to be outside. Bill had been working non-stop the prior 3 days basically only coming home to sleep for a couple hours before having to be at work again. So on Sunday, we decided to take advantage of the weather and head outside. 

First, we decided to head to Bad Apple Pub to have lunch.  They were rather busy for lunch, as by the time we left all the tables in the dining room were full and there were a few people sitting in the bar. Usually they are not that busy at lunch, which is why we go then- but I think maybe word is getting out.

After lunch, we then headed nearby to a new-to-us playground near the Kokosing Gap Trail. I had read online that there was a playground there and we like to walk to the trail and this was an area that we hadn't explored yet. 

The kids LOVED the playground area. It was right next to the parking lot and right next to the trail. 

There were a ton of people out biking, walking and even several people having formal pictures taken. 

After we let the the kids play for a while, we headed off toward the underpass to see what we could see of the trail. It was a nice fall walk. 

The kids loved looking at the streams that we passed over and at the last one we passed over, there were literally hundreds of tiny fish in the shallow water. The kids loved looking at the fish. 

As we were walking back, Rebecca also noticed a huge beetle on the ground. We also saw several squirrels and chipmunks in the forests surrounding the trails.

Overall, it was a nice experience and we will definitely be returning to this area of the trail now that we know that it is there. 


  1. Glad you found a fun new way to spend the day outside and together!

  2. I love it when families get out on their local trails! It's just the best place to be and so good for you!


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