I survived the abyss and an emergency trip to get shoes

Well I survived the abyss-- also known as Rebecca's room! It was rough though. I was surrounded by little pieces of paper, beads, glitter, sand, and everything little thing that I think my daughter has touched in the last 6 months. All told, it took me 4 hours to clean her small bedroom and to sort and organize and throw out stuff. If you remember from yesterday, this was the before:::

It looks so much better now though and I was at work when she saw it but she was really surprised when she discovered I had cleaned it. This is the after:::

I ended up getting 3 trash bags full of crap stuff out of her room. One of those was one of the huge lawn and leaf bags. I tell she is a packrat! 

So overall, it was a productive day yesterday with me living to tell the tale about how I survived the abyss and conquered the dust bunnies and the glitter and sand goons. Now her room is ready for the influx of stuff from her birthday and Christmas!

In other Rebecca news, I discovered last night around 9pm that she had holes in both of her tennis shoes. Seriously, the child didn't tell me. I noticed it when I picked her tennis shoes up off the bathroom floor. She said she had just noticed it that day herself. She only has 2 pairs of shoes that fit. Her tennis shoes and her black flats she wears to church. 

Thankfully, we had time after dropping Benjamin off at preschool this morning, to pop into Walmart and get her a new pair before school. Even better, they were $6 cheaper than the price on their tag! 

She is happy with her new tennis shoes. I am happy that she has tennis shoes for gym class tomorrow and for the winter weather we are supposed to get this week. 

All in all it is just yet another example of #momlife!  


  1. Why didn't you just go ahead and get a colorful pair? Cute shoes

  2. Cute shoes! And I feel your pain about Rebecca's room! I have TWO pack rat daughters - haha!
    And, I guess great minds think alike because I started a "master" list of all the things I would like to get accomplished/cleaned before Thanksgiving so (hopefully) all I will have to do is maintain them until Christmas. =)
    Great job on the room!

  3. Love the shoes! And if it's any consolation at all, my daughter the pack rat grew up to be a neat freak ... funny how that works when they are living in their own home!

  4. Hey! You should have warned a body before posting those shoes so early in the morning...lolz
    Glad you got it done and survived. My pack rat is my younger son. I found a massive ball of masking tape once and 26 plastic spoons on another occasion. What WAS he thinking?? hehe

  5. Good job, Rachel! Love those kind of projects: low cost and instantly rewarding once completed! Cute sneakers, too.


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