Happy 10th birthday Rebecca!

10 years ago today, I was on bed rest and awaiting the arrival of my first child. It had been a rough pregnancy. I had preeclampsia. I was high-risk. I remember going to the doctors appointments and ultrasounds and non-stress tests and just praying that everything would turn out. On November 28, 2006 I had to go in and have non-stress test done. The doctor on call (as my doctor was on vacation) didn't like the results, so he made me an emergency appointment at Riverside Hospital to have a bio-physical profile done. I remember coming home and having a grilled cheese sandwich and thinking I should shave my legs (which I didn't). During the bio-physical profile, they became concerned because Rebecca wasn't moving like she should. So the doctor came in and said "Happy Birthday" and I was like what?!!?? They decided to induce me as I was 37 weeks along and they didn't want to risk Rebecca's life. So off to labor and delivery we went. When we got to labor and delivery the nurse was laughing because she was having a hard time putting the monitor on my stomach as Rebecca was moving so much! Guess she wanted to be born that day! 

It has been quite the adventure being her mom! Rebecca is a sweet, love-able, big sister and daughter. She is one of the most kind people that I have ever met. She is very smart and artistic. In fact, last week we got a letter from the school district that Rebecca tested into the gifted program! She is in the 4th grade and most of her testing scores were 7-12th grade depending on the subject.  She is a wonderful daughter and a big helper when it comes to her brothers. She loves to read and draw and create!

In honor of her birthday, I decided to interview her and to see what life is like for her on this day she turns 10!

1. Who is your favorite person in the whole world?
It's a tie between Mommy and Dada

2. What is your favorite color? 

3. What is your favorite television show?

4. What's your favorite outfit?
My pink dress

5. What sport do you like the best? 

6. What song is your favorite?

7. What is your favorite cereal?
Cinnamon Toast Crunch

8. Who is your best friend?
Amelia and Becca

9. What do you want to be when you grow up?
An artist

10. What is your favorite book?
"Dork Diaries"

11. What are you really good at?

12. Where do you wish you could go on vacation?
Disney World

13. What is your best memory?
Playing on the beach

14. What would you buy if you had $1000?
a bunch of books

15. What vegetable do you hate the most?

16. If you could have a wish, what would it be?
That everyone would live a happy life

17. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
chocolate chip cookie dough

18. Who is your biggest hero?
Pablo Picasso

19. What do you like to do best with your friends?

20. What do you hope you'll get to do before your next birthday?
earn a lot of AHG badges

Today Rebecca has school and she requested chocolate dipped oreos. So I sent them in with her this morning. 

Tonight, she has requested McDonald's for dinner. So we will have that and then we will have her favorite ice cream for dessert (since we did her birthday cake on Thanksgiving!). 

I still can't believe I have a child in the double digits! Happy birthday Rebecca!


  1. I am beyond thrilled with the Pablo Picasso answer! That is light years beyond most 4th graders. Hope her birthday is lovely and filled with laughter!

    1. I was kind of shocked too by that answer, but then again it is my daughter we are talking about! ;-)

  2. Most kids her age don't even know who Picasso is(and neither did I at 10)! lol
    Hope she stays as sweet as she is now and has an awesome birthday. 8-)

  3. What a very mature (and adorable!) daughter you have! Happy Birthday Rebecca! And, just wait Mama! The tween years are knocking on your door! ;) LOL I'm sure you will both sail through them!

    1. I don't want to think about the tween years! LOL She is already showing some of the tween attitude, so I am not sure what I am in for. :)

  4. Happy birthday Rebecca. Having a daughter is such a joy. Cheryl


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