Trick or Treat 2016

Last night our community had their annual Trick-or-Treat night. The weather was perfect- not too hot, not too cold. The kids were able to wear their costumes and did not have to cover them up with their coats or didn't get drenched with rain or snow.

This year we had a black cat....

a baseball player...

and Darth Vader!

This year we did something a little different as Benjamin wasn't feeling 100% on Sunday and I didn't want him to get worse. Bill took Rebecca and Jacob down our normal route which is about a mile and a half long and which usually is very, very crowded as it is a main street in our town, while I took Benjamin down 2 streets right across the street from our house. Ben and I were out for about 20 minutes and Bill and the kids were out a little over an hour. When Ben and I got to the end of the second street near our house, Ben told me he wanted to go home and watch "choo-choos," so that is what we did! 

After everyone got home, we had our traditional Wendy's for dinner! Yummy! 

Then we watched "It's a Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" and the kids went to bed. Overall, it was a very nice Halloween night! 


  1. You have some adorable trick or treaters!!!! And I love the Wendy's idea. We always have had leftovers. Even when the kids were here.

    1. Thanks. We usually eat leftovers for lunch so there wasn't any here, although that would be an idea too. I am usually rushing home from tutoring to get the kids ready to go and the last thing I want to think about is what is for dinner. lol

  2. Cute, cute, cute!
    We had our traditional hot dog dinner!

    1. Thanks. Hot dog dinner sounds easy too for trick-or-treat night.


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