Thanksgiving dinner was a success!

Yesterday, like so many other Americans, we headed out to my parents house for our family Thanksgiving dinner-- And now that I think about it, we do have to go over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house! LOL. Unlike in the past, I didn't have to make/bring anything except for 2 birthday cakes as we were celebrating my niece's birthday and Rebecca's birthday as well. My mom made everything else for Thanksgiving dinner. 

We had 15 total this year for dinner. Our family (me, Bill, Rebecca, Jacob and Benjamin), my brother Joe's family ( Joe, his wife and 3 kids), my brother Josh, my sister Mary, my sister's friend Jess (who was from Canada and came home with my sister for their college break) and my parents. 

Dinner was very yummy! We had turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, corn, corn cake casserole, stuffing, rolls, candied yams, and cranberry sauce in a can. 

After overeating dinner, I washed all the dishes by hand and my sister dried them and put them away. The men spent time watching football on TV and playing with the kids, who were having a ton of fun running around with their cousins (even though they weren't supposed to run in the house!)

Then it was time to celebrate Lacie and Rebecca's birthdays. My niece Lacie's birthday is today and she is turning 12.  She is into Super Hero Girls, so I made her a Wonder Woman cake.

Rebecca's birthday is Monday and she will be turning 10.  She is into Shopkins, so she got a Shopkin cupcake cake.

After they blew their candles out on their cakes, they opened their gifts. 

Then it was time for dessert! There was the 2 non-dairy birthday cakes to choose from, along with pumpkin pie, peanut butter cup pie and lemon meringue pie and Santa ice cream pops. The peanut butter pie was my choice and was very yummy! 

Then it was time to head home (with leftovers in tow!) and go to sleep with full bellies and warm memories of a wonderful Thanksgiving day. 


  1. It looks like such a fun Thanksgiving! Glad it went so well! And, I have to tell you that, honestly, I am super impressed with your cake decorating skills! You remind me of my beloved mil (aka the reason I endure my husband's crazy siblings) who also has a knack for making cakes. Have you ever considered doing cakes as a side business? My mil did it for awhile and make a decent amount of money doing it! Just a thought from someone who appreciates your talent but could never replicate it! =)

  2. Looks like you had a lovely, family holiday!

  3. Great looking cakes! I'm all about dessert. ;-) Glad you had a wonderful holiday.


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