Pro Football Hall of Fame visit

After having adventures in Cleveland and Beachwood, we headed south to our final destination of our mini getaway.

We were heading out to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. Jacob is a huge NFL fan, and Bill is as well. The last time we were at the Hall of Fame was years ago back when we were dating. Let me tell you, it has changed so much and for the better.

It was a wonderful experience and the hall is definitely more family friendly with interactive exhibits for kids and adults. Even for just the average fan, the hall kept you engaged and interested.

Jacob LOVED the whole thing. Ben was mesmerized with the large statues and Rebecca enjoyed the interactive exhibits.

Ben even got to design a Super Bowl championship ring for his dad as he chose to design a Cleveland Browns ring. LOL (If you are not a fan of football, the Cleveland Browns are a very BAD team in the NFL and are far from being anywhere near the top of winning the Super Bowl.)

When we were done, we decided to stop at their café for a late lunch before we headed home. I had a tuna sub, as it was Friday, and it was tasty.

After stopping off at the gift shop, where I got our obligatory magnet for our fridge and my husband got the program for this year's Super Bowl to add to his collection, we headed out to head back home. The weather was quite nasty when we headed out--- snowing and ice pellets coming down. Thankfully, the salt trucks were out and the roads were okay the whole way home.

So after a whirlwind 2 day trip, we have lots of memories and we will definitely be trying to make it back to Cleveland sooner rather than later.


  1. That sounds like a great adventure. My sons would have thought they had died and gone to heaven if we had gone when they were kids.


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