Snow day, brownies, cooking, brackets

Well yesterday the weather people were all saying to brace for 4-7 inches of snow in our area overnight and that we would have snow off and on all day today.

Well, the reality is that we got maybe 2 inches of snow. I got a text at 5:30 that our school district was on a 2 hour delay. Fair enough. Then around 6:30 I got a text that due to refreezing and winds expected later, they were going to cancel school. Whatever.

So I got to keep the kids home with me today. This morning, after I showered and got laundry going (I did the last dirty load today, so laundry is all caught up!), I decided that I needed chocolate and wanted a brownie, so I baked off a batch of brownies and decorated them with icing and green sugar in honor of St. Patrick's Day this week.

Then, I decided to help Rebecca with one of her last requirements for her American Heritage Girls cooking badge.

She had to learn about different cooking terms and then come up with a matching game for the terms. While we were working, I had her help me make a batch of chili for dinner to stick in the crockpot. That seemed appropriate for this cold day!

Throughout the day, the sun was peeking out and then it would give a quick snow shower for about 10 minutes and then the sun would come out again. It was a strange weather day. I know that areas in the Northeast got hit much harder than we did....

This afternoon, I figured out how to let the kids watch the season finale of "Mythbusters: the Search" online. I had set it to record last month when it was on, but for some reason it didn't record on our dvr, and Rebecca was super bummed as she had watched it from the beginning. So the kids were excited. Benjamin even told my mom on the phone that "Mythbusters was on the computer." LOL

Tonight, I have the first 2 NCAA basketball tournament games on; not really because I care about who is playing. It is just adding background noise. A funny thing though, I did get yelled at tonight by Jacob because of who I had winning my March Madness bracket. We all filled out brackets last night and he was analyzing mine. He told me that I had it all wrong and there was no way that Baylor was going to go all the way to win. I love that he loves sports, even if he thinks I have no clue about basketball (in reality I really don't).

Overall, it was an okay day. Bill is dealing with some work stress, which makes me stressed because he is stressed. I should be working on some tutoring stuff right now, but I am procrastinating. I really should go work on it though.

Hope everyone has a great night. I will be back tomorrow morning with a Weigh In Wednesday post. Be forewarned, it will not be pretty.....


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