Bill's birthday and a Groot cake

May 25th was Bill's birthday. He had to work most of the day, but I tried to make his evening special.

We went out to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings (birthday guy's choice) and had a yummy dinner. After we came home, we had cake for dessert.

Bill got to open his presents from the kids and I. We got him 2 new pairs of running shorts, 2 new pairs of compression shorts, and 2 new movies- Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Logan.

Overall, I think he had a fun 45th birthday!


  1. Wishing your husband a Happy Birthday! (I am so tragically unhip I had to Google what a groot was)

  2. Sounds like you all made his day special. My sister turns 50 tomorrow and I'm trying to come up with something for her.


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