The Friends of the Library Book Warehouse

Ever since we moved to our current city, I have seen signs at the library for their "Friends of the Library Used Book Warehouse." I have never been though. That changed a few weeks ago, when I decided to take my mom out their to explore it. My mom loves to go to the half-priced book store which is over an hour away, so figured let's see what this is all about.

Well, what it was all about was a warehouse stuffed with thousands of used books, magazine, dvds, etc. for sale. These were library books that they had taken out of circulation, books that were donated by the general public or businesses. They had a ton! The only ask for a donation of $5 per grocery bag that you buy or a donation of your choice if you buy less. Talk about a bargain! And each child under the age of 18 gets a free book at each visit! The money that they make goes back into the library program to pay for things like the Summer Reading program materials, community events, etc.  

Well, our first visit netted my mom 20 books (all hardcover). I got a bag of books as well--the kids got 4 books apiece plus a free book and I got 7 hardback books that were in like new condition.

I then decided that we had to take Bill back so he could see this treasure that we had found.

Well, he came out of there with a ton of books that he wanted and I found 2 more books and the kids found some great books as well.

It truly is a treasure chest waiting to be discovered. They are only open from the beginning of June to Halloween, so we will definitely be making more trips there to donate books and to pick up some new treasures to read.

Do you have a similar place near you?
Do you like shopping the used book store?


  1. Oh Lord! My Hubs would go beserk in there. Don't tell him where it is when we see you......lolz

  2. I would never come out of there. The scents and sounds of books are like Siren calls to me.


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