Memorial Day weekend 2017 memories

Our Memorial Day weekend was very busy. On Saturday night we headed out to our friends' horse farm for dinner and to just hang out. We share a lot of the same qualities and their youngest daughter is Rebecca's BFF. We had a really nice time sitting, chatting and just hanging out. The kids loved seeing their horses (they have 6).

Sunday, we had talked about going to the ice cream festival in Utica like we do every year, but we were out late the night before, Bill woke up with a migraine and it was supposed to rain most of the day. So we decided to just hang out around town. We took the kids to Gambier to eat lunch by the train and then we decided to explore the Brown Family Environmental Center. My sister and brother decided to join us. We took a 3 mile walk, exploring some paths that I didn't even know existed behind the center.

When we left the BFEC, we decided to stop and get ice cream at a local ice cream place. Originally, we were going to go to Dairy Queen, but then decided to go to The Dairy. I had never been there. The kids have been a few times on school field trips. The ice cream was yummy and at under $10 for the whole family, it was definitely economical choice. I had strawberry cheesecake ice cream- definitely not good for the diet, but good tasting! lol

On Monday, Memorial Day, Rebecca walked in our town's parade as part of her American Heritage Girls Troop. My brother Josh also walked with the high school football team, who were walking with the colt football kids.

After the parade, we came home and hung out for a bit before heading out to my parents' house for their annual cookout. We had yummy food for dinner and then the kids got to get soaked with water guns! I ended up getting soaked as well. The kids had a blast and they slept really well when we got home.

It was a great weekend and a good kickoff to summer!


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