Books that I read for fun in April and May

Over the last 2.5  years, I have been documenting the books that I read for fun (and not just for review purposes).  I have decided that I need to continue that as reading is important part of how I relax. Books that I read for fun are books that I have not been asked to review and that I have chosen to read, well because I like to read. In 2015, I read a total of 49 books! In 2016, I read 58 books. While I don't have a goal in mind for this year, I will continue reading as it is something that I love to do and I like to document the books that I read.  (Please note that if a book looks interesting to you, you can click on the picture of the book and it should take you to it's page on I am an associate through them.)

So, I kind of forgot to do this post in April. Life happened, etc. So what that being said, what did I read in April and May? 

Well, I read a diet book and a beach book!

First up, I read The Carbohydrate Addict's Diet book. This was very interesting read to me as it really spoke to how my diet and life is going. I will say that I am not following the information completely, but I did gain some insight into better ways to eat to help fight my carb addiction and the science behind it. It was a very interesting read.


I also read Dorothea Benton Frank's new release Same Beach, Next Year. This was a great story and a really good read to start Summer break with. I fell in love with the characters especially Eliza as she becomes a woman who realizes who she really is in the story. Great read.

As we are now on Summer break from school, I hope to have more time to read for pleasure! Let's see what wonderful adventures in books I can get into this summer.

Here are the books I read for fun in:

                                                 Have you read any good books lately?
Any books you would recommend for me to read in 2017


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