Kids' chores and schoolwork during the Summer

Our Summer schedule is crazy busy, especially since I have decided to take on tutoring clients in the morning at home as well as tutoring in the afternoons like normal. This is a blessing on the money front, but doesn't allow me that time to clean or relax. It is good to be busy though.

Since I don't have a lot of time to clean and maintain the house, I have implemented a new chore system with the kiddos. (Remember they are 10, 7 and 5). They have their assigned chores per day, then they have to do zone work daily. I have them focus on the living room and dining room. We switch it up each week.

If they complete all of their chores each day, then they can earn tickets that they can then spend on Sunday in "Mom and Dad's store." I have different items priced out of tickets that they can choose from. So far in June it is working out pretty well!! My house is cleaner and the kids are happy with the system, so it is a win, win!

I also expect for my children to do something academic over the Summer. The kids have Summer schoolbooks to work through each day (Monday through Friday). They are expected to do 2 lessons a day, especially because there are days that we may miss (like 4th of July). They all seem to like their workbooks and they don't normally fuss about having to do them. In fact, if Ben was allowed he would do every page of his workbook because he loves doing it. The kids also are expected to read at least 15 minutes every day for their Summer Reading Program pledge.

Now granted there are days that these items might not get completely done but that is the way that Summer is. I am happy if they are done most days. On days we are gone all day or have a special thing planned then I am not upset because I know that the next day it won't take that long to get everything back to normal since we have a schedule.

What about you? Do you do chore schedules for the Summer?


  1. You have a great system going Rachel! The fact that the kids are happy with it shows it is working well. I'm glad I chose teaching as a career because then Kazi and I were off on holidays at the same time and could do all of those things we were too busy for during the school year. One of those was the library reading program with a carnival at the end of it. Kazi loved to read, thankfully, so that was a lot of fun.


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