This week....

Today's posting is going to be kind of random. I have had a beyond busy week, so feel like a bit of randomness is due....

So, here goes....

This week...

HAS BEEN HOT!!! Each day the heat index has been close to 100. On Tuesday it was actually closer to 105 degrees. It has also been very humid so we have been kind of stuck inside. Thank goodness for air conditioners.


Our upstairs does not have a/c due to the way the heating system is in our house. Well, the last 2 summers we have had window units in Rebecca's room and in our room with a fan blowing air into the boys' room. Well, Sunday and Monday the heat in their room was unbearable so we decided to take the plunge and get a window unit for their room. Bill went to Walmart to get one and before tax it was $112. I told him we would make it work in our budget. Well, I logged on to our bank account and I had just received a payment from Google for $112. Only took me over 7 year of blogging to make any money but it works for me!

WE WENT TO THE LIBRARY!...the kids love the library and we went again this week.

WE DEALT WITH HAVING AN ACCUSED MURDERER ON THE LOOSE...On Sunday, a 20 year old was found shot to death in a small town near here (about 15 minutes away). In what is a tragic situation, a warrant was issued for his cousin who police believe killed him. He was on the run and there was good reason to believe that he was hiding in some of the woods in our county. This man apparently has some mental health issues. It made for a few stressful days. Thankfully, the man turned himself in on Wednesday and we can breathe a sigh of relief. My hubby likes to go running on the paths in our area, and these were the same areas that law enforcement was searching. On Monday he went out to run and he didn't get very far before he had a hamstring pull, which mysteriously felt fine when he came home. We both believe that that was God's way of saying you don't need to run that way...maybe the accused was in that area. (This would be the second time that he or I have had a sign when police were searching for an accused murderer in our area.)


I made meatball subs one night for dinner. When I went to the grocery store last Friday they were out of slider rolls that I normally use. So I picked up hotdog buns to use instead. Well, when I pulled them out of the oven, Ben was confused because he said that only hotdogs belong on hot dog buns. LOL

TONIGHT WE ARE GOING TO WATCH THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE..... it came out on dvd this week, so I picked it up to watch with the kids. Hopefully, it will be better than the original Lego movie which I did not care for!

I think that is enough for now. Time for me to go put pizzas in the oven. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. We had an accused murderer on the loose not too long ago. We had a lockdown at our school because he was supposedly spotted on I-10 going through our county. Boy was I happy when that fiasco was over. Now I'm craving a meatball sub. lol


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