Columbus Clippers baseball game

Last night we took Rebecca to the Columbus Clippers baseball game (one of the things to do on our summer Staycation list (see post coming soon!)). There was a special promotion honoring all the Catholic schools in the area and we could get 4 tickets for $15 total!

Here is some highlights of our surprise for Rebecca...

Right inside of the park

First pitch of the game. We were sitting in the first row!!!

Daddy and Rebecca

First ballpark hot dog

Future major leaguer?

They had a parade around the field for all the Catholic School kids in attendance

Cotton candy! Yum!

Overall it was a great night! Rebecca was so surprised when we took her. The rain held off, after having rained for 3 days straight. The weather was great.

And the best part was that Rebecca and Bill got to go down on the field after the first game of the double header to be a part of the parade! And Bill got the first foul ball of the game! Pretty cool!

And it was relatively inexpensive...Here is the breakdown of what we spent:

Tickets: $17
Food: $40 (things were WAY more expensive than I remembered!)
Parking: $5
Babysitter for Jacob: $20
Total $ 82
Experience: PRICELESS!!!!


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