In my mailbox....(new post theme for Saturdays)

I am hoping to start a new themed posts for my Saturdays.
I have titled it: In my mailbox.
In it I will share with you what I have received that week in my mailbox and ask you to share with me what you have received.


I have a hobby.

I like to sign up for freebies and coupons that come in the mail because it adds some excitement to mailtime. I do not sign up for every freebie or coupon that I come across as I feel that is wasteful and I don't need things in my house if I am not going to use them. So I only sign up for ones that I feel would be of use to my family.

This week has been a great week for freebies in my mailbox!

--Tide Stain Release sample (included 10 pacs!)(facebook sample)
-- Tide detergent sample (facebook sample)
-- Popcorn pop up bowl (All You sample)
-- Coupon for free Suave Professionals product (facebook sample)

-- $1 off any coke purchase (from Recyclebank)
-- Venus Razors and Olay sample (from Pampers points)
--Free coupon for bag of Uncle Ben's Rice (can't remember???)

--Shout Color catcher sample (don't remember where I ordered this from, maybe facebook??)
--Coupon for Free Kraft with Philly shredded cheese and $1 off (Kraft First Taste)
--Tresseme shampoo and conditioner and coupons ( *look for a review post soon)
What have you gotten good in your mailbox? Let me know!


  1. Way to go! I love getting freebies in my mailbox. Last week was a great week, between samples and freebie coupons. I looked forward to my mailbox everyday. =)


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